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Healing your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

Offering virtual channelings, psychic mediumship readings & Nondual Kabbalistic healing

You know the truth of who you are. It's enfolded inside you. I'd love to assist in unfolding your true self as I walk beside you.


Meet Janet Ann

Why do I feel empty inside? Is this all there is to life? What is my passion? These were a few of the questions I used to ask myself when I was drowning in the corporate IT world. My heart was no longer connected to IT. It longed for something new and different, but I had to let go of the known and begin the walk with the unknown. There's so much of our human experience that cannot be known to us via demanding life to show up in a certain way. It was exhausting for me to have to constantly know my next steps. The corporate world demanded that I had to know what I was doing 10 years into the future. So, I took a deep breath and left to embark on my own personal journey into the truth of ME. I decided to begin cultivating a different relationship with myself and life. It was time for me to define who I am from the inside and not be swayed by the outside world telling me who I have to be. It's not been an easy path, but I feel so much fuller and peaceful inside. I help people heal through uncovering the truth of who they are at their very essence. Are you ready to do your healing work and open to the unknown? If so, you have come to a person who has walked through her own fires to live her truth. I believe you can do the same.

"The soul grows through feeling uncomfortable - not from feeling safe. We need to be stretched in order to co-create with the Universe."

Janet Ann Mitchell

Channeling Spirit

I receive messages from Spirit in a channeling session. I utilize a Hebrew alphabet Tarot deck to guide the process, which enables me to give clients more guidance. The messages cover one or more areas of a client's life. Channeling connects clients in ways that create "light bulb" moments.  Connections can be made quickly, and sometimes connections occur over a few days or weeks after a session has ended. This is due to the "ripple effect" of healing.

Mediumship Reading

Mediumship readings connect the client with deceased loved ones. Deceased loved ones come in to help clients heal in the most unusual and amazing ways. I ask clients to not tell me anything about their loved ones as I receive validating information from the deceased. The session is healing for both the client and the deceased loved one. I'm deeply respectful of deceased loved ones and do not control who shows up. Spirit determines who comes in, and it is very trustworthy.

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing sessions explore areas of the client's life that are creating conflict, stress and anxiety. Areas of life can include depression, grief, stress, divorce, job loss, etc. We spend about 45 minutes exploring the challenges brought into the session. The last 15 minutes are spent doing a hands-on healing based on what was discussed. The client is telling me what healing they need just by sharing their challenges. 


"Jan is a unique treasure! I was struggling and going thru a bad time and could not make sense of it. Jan helped me understand what lessons the universe had in store for  me and to be aware of the spirit guides to facilitate healing. She has the unique ability to help us connect to our loved ones present and past. Her gifts are life-changing, and I am forever thankful for her guidance and wisdom."

A.U. - GA

"I approached this exercise as a typical skeptic, but when it was over, I was astounded and extremely happy. Jan took her time to communicate with my loved one. The information that was relayed was amazing, heartfelt, and unbelievable. She communicated things to me from my loved one that only I would know...very personal things. I would highly recommend anyone, especially skeptics, to work with Jan to get the closure you need concerning your deceased loved one(s) welfare. Thank you so much, Jan!"

D.S. - FL

"NKH healing with Jan changed my life. Being able to talk through my issues/challenges and receive a healing is what makes this a special way to integrate life experiences into one's whole being. Jan has an amazing ability to hold space as I process through what is occurring in my life. As humans, we all have trauma to process. The only way out is through, and NKH with Jan has given me the space to walk through my trauma and come out on the other side of healing. I cannot recommend NKH with Jan enough. It has truly changed my life.

Dr. Katrina Cryder - GA

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