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My Story

I had a wonderful career in the HRIS world, but as I continued to climb the corporate ladder, I began to feel a deep void inside myself.

At the time I felt my life was falling apart as I ended a 21 year marriage, which just felt terrible. So much of my life was falling away. I didn't realize it was falling away to provide me the opportunity to heal past traumas and open to the Healing Arts.

I left the corporate world in 2004 to do some personal healing work and explore many healing modalities. I became nationally certified as a Reflexologist; underwent a four year training certification program as a Nondual Kabbalistic Healing practitioner; became certified as a Karuna Ki Reiki Master; and eventually began working directly with Spirit opening to Mediumship and Channeling. I joined a website to learn tarot readings in 2017 and began doing Psychic Fairs only to realize that everything I was doing was to help clients heal - not predict their future. My latest venture is working with a Hebrew alphabet Tarot deck while working within the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to help others in my channeling sessions.

I believe in this work and have healed so much of my personal trauma and experienced physical healings that are mind-blowing to me. I'm so grateful for my life and how it's been unfolding on my personal journey exploring what it means to be a spirit in human form.

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